Top 10 Reasons Why Your Home May Not Have Sold The First Time On The Market

Unfortunately, some homes that are listed for sale may not sell the first time on the market, but don’t be too discouraged about it. There are many possible reasons why a home doesn’t sell the first time it’s listed for sale with a real estate agent, and it may have nothing to do with your home or the present market we’re in today. Based on our team’s many years of experience, the following is a short list of the things that may have been missed, but that can be easily fixed the second time around by hiring the right agent.


1 Not Having A Marketing Strategy

Some real estate agents may not use a proven step-by-step marketing strategy when selling a home in today’s competitive market and just kind of wing the process. This may or may not fully be their fault, as most of the time they just trying to do the best they can. Unfortunately, it’s the home seller who eventually pays the price by wasting valuable market time.


2 Not Having Professional Photography

It has been said, “A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words…”, and unfortunately, by not having a Professional Photographer take your property photos the story may not be saying much to prospective home buyers.


3 Not Having A Home Staging Strategy

Proper staging of home will make a huge difference when prospective home buyers look online at property photos and items such as a trash can left out, or even a dirty cup or dish in view may end up costing you a prospective sale. Sometimes, even the small adjustments make a big difference and can go a very long way.


4 Not Having A Customized Virtual Home Tour

Using a Customized Virtual Home Tour with professional home photos and proper staging will give prospective buyers a virtual walk though tour of your home, and may possibly get them one step closer to a home viewing. By not using this very important Virtual Home Tour marketing tool your property may be missing out on lots of possible virtual online exposure.


5 Not Using Signage or Sign Riders

By not using a “For Sale” sign, or even placing the sign in a poor location on property may often cause prospective home buyers to simply pass by unknowingly that the home is on the market for sale. Also, if a sign was installed on property but with no attention grabbing “Sign Riders” to attract prospective home buyers driving by, this may have also missed the mark, as your home may just look like the other homes offered “for sale” within the neighborhood.


6 Not Having Access To Global Internet Marketing

In today’s competitive market, most prospective home buyers search the internet first before viewing the homes, and therefore, Global Internet Marketing access is crucial as you may never quite know where your prospective home buyer may be coming from. Having professional photos of home, along with proper staging and using a customized virtual home tour will show your home in the best possible way to these prospective home buyers, as this type of exposure is all completed online.


7 Not Using Local Online Advertisements

As most prospective home buyers search the internet first before even before driving-by homes, it is just as important to advertise locally using many sources available today online with social media. As printed advertisement continues to steadily decline, local online advertisements continue to rise and play a very important role as the prospective home buyer may just live right around the corner.


8 Not Setting Proper Pricing

Setting a realistic asking price for a property based on current home market values is very important and the key to attracting prospective home buyers. As property values are readily available with the many online sources today, knowing how to properly calculate the necessary adjustments from these comparable sales to determine what your home is worth takes a Property Value Expert to do so.


9 Experience Makes A Difference

Unfortunately, most real estate agents today may not have the experience it takes to properly market a home in today’s very competitive environment or have the proven track record needed to gain these skills. There is no short cut to gaining this experience, and past real estate experience does make a huge difference.


10 Doing Nothing About It

In today’s marketplace, most real estate agents tend to work alone and at times become overwhelmed by the home selling process. As most agents’ intentions are good, they just end up becoming paralyzed by the process, and unfortunately do nothing about it while the home seller ends up paying the price. Having a properly structured Real Estate Team along with using a proven Home Sale Marketing Strategy will help solve these reoccurring home selling problems.


What To Do Next…

The good news is that our Real Estate Team can definitely help. Let us take a closer look at your home, review recent MLS property profile photos, and also look over any past marketing or advertisements completed on your home, and we’ll be sure to point out some of the most common mistakes that are made. We’ll also give you our expert opinion on your current home value along with some very valuable advice on how our team can help solve those past problems and get your home sold.

The difference between selling a home and failing to do so is in the details. Whether it’s our proven sales approach, effective online marketing and advertising campaigns, or utilizing our existing agent network, no detail is overlooked. With a proven track record and expert knowledge, our team has all the tools needed to get your home sold. If you’re serious about selling your home, we’re serious about getting the job done.


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