Using our custom designed step-by-step Home Sale Marketing Strategy,  along with our teams many years of real estate experience makes a big difference in selling homes. Our real estate team members follow this specially designed marketing plan, and completes each step properly along the way, so that our clients receive the best results possible. Our time tested Home Sale Marketing Strategy also has proven results with over 3,000 homes sold since 1990.


1 Professional Home Staging

Proper staging of your home will make a huge difference when prospective home buyers look at online photos of your home listed for sale. Making sure no small items are missed and professional staging is completed may help your home sell faster and for more in the end.


2 Professional HD Home Photography

It has been said… “a picture’s worth a thousand words”, and our team knows Professional HD Home Photography. Our team has its own full time professional photographer on staff to take professional photos of your property, and we’ll make sure your home looks the best it can so that it attracts lots of prospective buyers.


3 Aerial Drone Photography

It has been said… “a picture’s worth a thousand words”, and our team takes professional photography to another level using Aerial Drone Photography when allowed by local regulations. Our team has its own full time professional photographer on staff to take professional aerial drone photos of your property, and we’ll make sure your home looks the best it can from above so that it attracts lots of prospective buyers.


4 Customized Virtual Home Tour

Our team understands the huge value in using Virtual Tour Customization that we have our own company www.VirtualTourForAll.com We believe that using Virtual Tour Customization for every home we list, along with professional property photos and a proper home staging strategy will help give prospective home buyers a virtual walk though of home and get them one step closer to requesting a home viewing.


5 Professional Video Home Tour

Our team understands that using a Professional Video Home Tour with custom designed graphic effects show prospective home buyers a movie like tour of your home. Along with professional property photos and a proper home staging strategy, this use of video gives our home sellers the competitive advantage needed over other homes offered for sale within the market today.


6 3D Interactive Home Tour Showcase

Our 3D Interactive Home Tour Showcase takes the interior home tour to a whole different level in selling homes. See an example of how its done 3D Interactive Home Tour Showcase


7 Global Internet Marketing 

In today’s real estate market, global internet marketing is key as the eventual buyer for your home may not be local one. With our many online relationships and real estate memberships, our property listings are linked to over 900 different online global internet websites. Because most property listing exposure is done online today, having professional property photos, utilizing a home staging strategy and using virtual tour customization is so important in presenting your home in its best possible way.


8 Social Media Marketing 

In today’s ever changing real estate market, social media play’s a very important role in how properties are marketed today. When used properly, Social Media Marketing attract many prospective buyers from all over the world. Along with Professional HD Photography and Customized Virtual Home Tours, your home may sell faster in today’s market and for the best possible price.


9 Local Internet Advertisement

As most prospective home buyers now search the internet first before even driving-by homes, it is just as important to advertise locally using the many different online sources available today. As most printed home advertising is on a steady decline, local online advertisements continue to rise and play a very important part as the eventual buyer may live just around the corner.


10 Real Estate Agent Networking

Through local real estate board memberships and real estate agent relationships, our team networks daily with other full time buyer agents working with prospective buyers looking for a new home to purchase. By keeping in touch with lots of other local real estate agents and adding them to our E-Flyer Marketing Program, our team extends its reach for our homes listed on the market for sale that may match what their prospective home buyer is looking for.


11 E-Flyer Marketing Program

Our team utilizes an exclusive E-Flyer Marketing Program that reaches thousands of local real estate agents with a custom designed property brochure of your home. Highlights on property brochure include professional photos of your home, property details and highlights, and listing agent contact information.


12 Professional Signage & Sign Riders 

Our team uses professional “For Sale” signs by a local sign installer who know where the best location for it is that will attract the most attention from drive-by traffic within the area. We also install attention grabbing “Sign Riders” to better help attract prospective home buyers to property.


13 Multiple Listing Service

Our team members belong to local real estate boards which include: Realtor Association of Greater Fort Lauderdale and Miami Association of Realtors, two of the nation’s largest real estate boards available today. Every home we list for sale is entered within the Multiple Listing Service which is accessed by thousands of real estate agents both locally and nationwide.


14 Centralized Showing Service

Our team contracts with Centralized Showing Service, a professional appointment showing company with live stateside operators. By using this professional showing company, our clients are assured that no showings are ever missed. In an ever increasing busy world, we don’t ever want your home to miss out on the showing that may be the prospective buyer for it.


15 Showing Assist with Automatic Feedback System

Our team has utilizes the Showing Assist technology which includes the Buyer/Agent Automatic Feedback Followup System. With today’s ever changing schedules and busy lives, our team understands that tracking down a past showing from a buyer/agent for feedback can be at times very challenging. By using technology, our system tracks down the buyer/agent with friendly email reminders asking politely for helpful feedback from the prospective home buyer they are working with, along with asking the buyer agent for their opinion as well. With this useful information, we review and discuss weekly with our home selling clients so that we all know what the prospective home buyers are seeing from their point of view, and if we need to make any necessary adjustments along the way.


16 Nationwide Relocation Assistance

Whether it’s a short local move to another city or a long distance move to another state, relocating to a new area can often times be both exciting and stressful all wrapped up into one. Our real estate team completely understands this life changing move and is here to help you with this process. Our Nationwide Relocation Assistance Program will connect you with an experienced real estate agent in the area you’re moving to so that you can get an early head start. You’ll receive helpful community information along with expert advice on current home values within the area.


Experience Makes A Difference…

It’s been said… “There’s no short cut to experience”, and in the real estate business it takes a lot of experience to get time tested proven results. Our Real Estate Team will give each and every client our expert opinion and valuable real estate advice on how we will sell their home in today’s market faster, for the best possible price and with the least amount of hassle along the way.